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Marvel's Legends series is dedicated to providing fans with exceptional action figures and premium role play collectibles. The Iron Man electronic helmet is a perfect addition to the brand, built with the Marvel true believer in mind.
  • Authentic Design
  • Quality Materials
  • Iluminación LED

Design and Construction Details

High Quality Materials

The helmet is made from high-quality plastics that faithfully replicate the appearance of metal, ensuring durability and authenticity.

Detailed Replica

Every curve, line and detail of the helmet has been painstakingly reproduced to accurately reflect Iron Man's original design.

Adjustable Size

Designed to fit different head sizes, providing comfort and custom fit.

LED lighting

The helmet features an integrated LED lighting function, providing a stunning visual experience. The LEDs simulate the characteristic on and off effects of the Iron Man suit.

  • Materials

  • Ergonomic design

  • Sound effects

  • LED lighting

  • Durable and resistant ABS

  • The LEDs are strategically placed to highlight specific areas of the helmet, such as the eyes and other distinctive elements.
  • The LED lighting is battery powered, providing a wireless solution to maintain the helmet's aesthetics.
  • The LEDs offer configuration options, allowing the intensity and lighting patterns to be adjusted according to the user's preferences.

Iron Man helmet

Exclusive Features

Detailed Replica

Every curve and detail faithfully reflects the original design.

Adjustable Size

Adaptable design for different head sizes.

Quality materials

High quality materials ensure durability and use.

Sound effects

Experience the iconic sounds of Iron Man when wearing the helmet.

The high-tech hero

The light-up eyes, impressive sound FX, and detachable faceplate are premium RPG quality. Detailed interior imitates serious circuitry. The finish creates an illusion of advanced alloy construction. The Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet is an amazing addition to any cool collection.

The avenger in armor

The Iron Man electronic helmet has a magnetized faceplate that can be completely detached and reattached, activating glowing LED eyes and dramatic sound effects. The interior simulates ultra-modern electronic design. The exterior features Premium Role Play details and a beautiful finish. The peerless sculpture and decoration recall the genius of Stark Industries' artistry.

For collectors and fans.

The Marvel Legends Iron Man Electronic Helmet is perfect for both serious collectors – looking for the ultimate conversation piece – and enthusiastic cosplayers – who are trying to impress their friends at the comic convention with a movie-inspired Iron Man helmet.

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Is the helmet adjustable for different head sizes?

Yes, the helmet is designed with an adjustable system to fit various head sizes, providing personalized comfort.

How do you turn the LED lights on and off?

The LED lights are controlled by a built-in switch, allowing for easy turning on and off of the lighting effects.

Is it safe for prolonged use?

Yes, the helmet features an ergonomic design and ventilation systems, making it comfortable for extended periods of use.

Does the helmet play Iron Man sound effects?

Yes, the helmet includes integrated speakers that reproduce the iconic sound effects when opening and closing the helmet.

How long do the LED lights' batteries last?

Battery life depends on usage, but under normal conditions, they provide an extended lighting experience before requiring replacement.