Meet Moxie

Your Learning and Entertainment Companion

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Moxie® Robot Kid
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Benefits that the Moxie Robot offers

-Fostering learning

-Emotional stimulation

-Companionship for children

Moxie is not just a robot... it's a friend, a tutor, and a source of endless learning

See him in action...

Principal Features

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I control the time my child spends with the Moxie Robot?

  • Parents can set time limits and monitor the usage of the Moxie Robot through a mobile app.

What ages is the Moxie Robot recommended for?

  • The Moxie Robot is designed for children between the ages of 6 to 13.

Can the Moxie Robot learn from my child?

The following items cannot be returned:
  • Yes, the Moxie Robot is designed to learn and adapt to your child's preferences and needs as they interact with it.

How long does the Moxie Robot's battery last?

The Moxie Robot's battery life can vary, but it typically lasts 4 hours.

What kind of educational content does the Moxie Robot offer?

The Moxie Robot comes with a 30 days warranty to cover any manufacturing defects.

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